Building A Home Page

2 Minute Read

Updated: March 20, 2023

I find writing the home page of my website one of the most difficult parts of bringing my portfolio website together. I found a lot of fun examples online, but nothing quite jumped out at me. There are some pieces and parts I would like to incorporate into my home screen but I wasn't sure about any particular design. That's when I found a lot of interI used midjourney to generate a bunch of samples for ideas and I found a really interesting one:

I really liked the quarter-turn portrait with a small blurb about me next to the picture. I'm not quite sure how large to make the image but I think it could have a lot of character. I dabbled around quite a bit on YouTube so I have some experience with messing with images like the one in this sample.

I had some ideas about maybe making it animated somehow and look quickly at the user or make a silly face once in a while. Or maybe if you press a certain button or key it would do it.

Mobile will be interesting. So far my website has been okay-ish on the mobile front. I'm hoping the idea carries over.

I guess I'm just ranting here, but I find posting about it to be fun and entertaining for me. I suppose if/when I get to game or even general software development I'll be trying to share information about that more. But we'll see.

Making My Contact Buttons Interesting

2 minute read

So, I was looking around for an interesting way to make my contact buttons in my footer pop when you want to select them and I stumbled across a CodePen that made images 10% larger when you hovered over them.

I thought it would be fun to a...

Making Progress

1 minute read

Wow it has been over a year since I started this website and I kind of fell off developing it.

I feel like I am getting over some personal hurdles with making progress with this website and some parts are finally coming together! I got the b...

Welcome To My Blog

3 minute read

Hello, and welcome to my blog and my first blog post.

First let me thank you for checking out my website and navigating to the blog. This first blog post is technically a test, and I just wanted to list some cool stuff about the server.