Welcome To My Blog

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Updated: September 22, 2021

Hello, and welcome to my blog and my first blog post.

First let me thank you for checking out my website and navigating to the blog. This first blog post is technically a test, and I just wanted to list some cool stuff about the server.

I created a LEMP server using Digital Ocean's Guide. I ran into some difficulty setting up Nginx (En-Jynx, and you won't convince me otherwise), and PHP. After some Linix guidance from a friend who is familiar with Linux, I was able to get my server up and running.

I then realized my HTML and CSS skills were lacking and found freecodecamp (FCC) and The Odin Project. I tried FCC for a bit with their Responsive Web Design Certificate and decided to lean into The Odin Project because it covered both what was in FCC (And utilized its resources) as well as some fringe details.

I powered through both the Responsive Web Design Certification and Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures. I found the Responsive Web Design Certificate to be worth it, but the Javascript Certificate was a bit all over the place and after a point I did not feel as if it was a place to learn Javascript well. I still finished though, but it was a pain.

After completing both of those certificates I thought it would be fun to finally work on my personal site. I didn't get far as you can see below, but it was fun to do.

Then I hit a wall and I was unable to be motivated to complete the website. Cut to a few months later and I started to play around on Twitch, and saw some cool developers working through some Game Development on stream. Now my long-term goal with the website and Twitch is to launch some interest in whatever project I am creating and intending on releasing. Now it would be awesome if someone was interested in my website enough to check it out, but I want to cater it around Game Development.

With the pressure to stay entertaining online, as well as sort of being forced into rubber duck debugging / rubber duck accountability, it will keep me engaged and forces me to complete my projects.

As of this writing I am creating the individual blog page, and I am excited to see where this website ends up going. Again, than you for checking out this blog post, and hopefully checking out my stream.

Thanks again for checking this out and I hope to see you again!

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